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Film | Kansas City, Missouri | March 2012 | 3:43m

      What began as a perfect circle was drawn and traced into obscurity with no conscious interference of my analytic mind. These trembles were not merely arbitrary but directly affected by the state of my unconsciousness. The result of this project is a visual representation of my experiences for the year. It is a process that demands an entirely unique outcome not only to me as an artist but to me as an artist at a very specific time. This is a temporal resonance that is as specific as a photograph.


The Process:
     - Begin with a perfect circle
     - Trace only the most recent frame (including 'errors')
     - At least 10 frames a day for one entire year
     - Do not interfere with the process

Daily Log



- Low Brow No Brow | April 2012 | The Rondevu | Kansas City, Missouri

- The Instructor Exhibition | May - July 2012 | Kansas City Art Institute North Campus | Riverside, Missouri

- The Dinner Party Project | July 2012 | 830 Pennsylvania Street | Lawrence, Kansas

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