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animation, installation, color, bleed, copic markers

Kansas City, Missouri

Evan Tedlock is an Assistant Professor of Animation at the Kansas City Art Institute. He uses animation and digital interactivity as a tool to explore the invisible narratives of big and small data. Evan received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Kansas City Art Institute and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Southern California where he was an Annenberg Graduate Fellow and co-founder of the Bridge Art and Science Alliance. His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally including at the V2 Lab for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam, The Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles, The Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology in Baltimore, and the Consciousness Reframed Conference in Portugal.


His research focuses on data-driven immersive interactive experiences, primarily exploring environmental issues and the human experience. In addition, you can often find Evan crafting visual music instruments and building out visual packages for live performances.

Evan Tedlock​
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