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Me and the Black Dog

Film | Group Therapy | FACT | Liverpool, England, UK | March-May 2015 | 13:08m

Password: portfolio7

This work does not originate with me. I was hired to manage, animate, and color on this project.

A film by Kate Owens and Neeta Madahar

Producer: Jacqui Davie

Animation Director: Christoph Steger

Using cultural references in British folklore to ‘the black dog’ as a symbol of melancholy or death, this animation investigates the idea that the dark element of one’s personality isn’t necessarily something that needs to be eradicated using drugs or therapies.


Hand-drawn animation, pencil, paper, markers.


- Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age | March-May 2015 | FACT | Liverpool | England, UK

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