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Bridge Art and Science Alliance (BASA)

At the Bridge Art + Science Alliance (BASA) we strive to develop and maintain a lasting community of artists and scientists committed to working together to solve the interdisciplinary problems of our increasingly complex world to improve the human condition. BASA produces media projects, hosts workshops, and puts on events aimed at merging scientific discovery with the storytelling and spatial intelligence of the visual arts. We work to cultivate a fertile ground for discovery, creativity, and expression at this intersection, with each field propelling the other forward.

Generously supported by The Bridge Institute at the University of Southern California, BASA is committed to bringing together some of the most creative minds in chemistry, film production, biology, animation, interactive installation, fine art, mathematics, entertainment technology, game design, biomedical engineering, medicine, physics, experience design, media arts, neuroscience, cinematography, editing, astronomy, documentary filmmaking and more, creating a transdisciplinary task force ready to take on the multifaceted problems of today.


2017 | "Students Present Artwork with Scientific Themes" by Lorraine Wheat | Daily Trojan | University of Southern California

2017 | "Science and Cinema Form an Alliance to Find New Paths in Biology Research" by Darrin S. Joy | USC Dornsife News | University of Southern California

2016 | "Bridging Sciences and the Arts" by Molly Murphy | USC Cinematic Arts News | University of Southern California

Organization | The Bridge @USC | University of Southern California | Los Angeles

Works funded by BASA

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