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The Air We Breathe

Interactive Installation | Baltimore, MD| November, 2019 | 3:00m loop | single-channel video, twigs, electronics

     We all breathe the same air. It is a constant, compulsory process, a collective interaction with the world around us. As our climate shifts, so too does this taking-in of the world. The Air We Breathe is a generative interactive projection that uses multiple scientific data sets, atmospheric carbon dioxide saturation (ppm), long-term global cumulative carbon dioxide emissions (tonnes), and global temperature anomalies to generate animation content. Viewers can interact with this data by blowing into pods, mixing the carbon dioxide of the present with that of history.

Electrical Engineer - Karl Erickson

Curator - Catherine Borg

Installation Assistants  - Jason Charney, Tyler Spooner


- Spark III | Nov 2019 | Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology  | Baltimore | Maryland


- CBS Baltimore, WJZ 13 - 'Light City’s ‘Sparks Gallery’ Displays Masterpieces With A Message'

- BMore Culture, 'Light City 2019'

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