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Occam's Frame

Interactive Installation | Baltimore, MD| June, 2021 | 10:00m loop | dual-channel video

     Occam’s Frame (2021) is an analog interactive media installation that physicalizes the political perspective divide. Two bright white LED-backlit screens are attached to two metal pipes, planted in cinder blocks, which sit perpendicular to each other. Each screen has plastic letters adhered to its surface that spell out the word WHITE. Several frames hang at varying heights and angles in front of these sculptural elements. As viewers move around the piece, they will discover that whenever the suspended frames are located between themselves and the screens, the media content becomes visible, revealing unexpected and contemplative text. I collected data from the Center for Strategic & International Studies listing terrorism incidents on U.S. soil between 1994 and January 2021 and used this data to augment Capitol Riot news footage by adding bright flashes denoting when acts of domestic terrorism occurred. I then generated the final installation imagery by performing and recording the visuals in a meditative state, contemplating the complicated array of perspectives that have emerged as the discourse about this event has developed.

Curator - Catherine Borg


- Spark IV | June 2021 | Maryland Art Place  | Baltimore, Maryland


- BMore Art - 'An Art Exhibition Considering Our Collective Future'

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