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ACADEMIA:   Teaching

ANIM 320: Ideas in Motion

Junior Studio | Kansas City Art Institute  Animation Department | Missouri6 units



     Picking up where Explorations in Animation left off, students will continue to develop their individual approaches and projects. The goal of this class is to prepare students to fully manage their studio practice in relation to larger scale concepts and projects. Additionally, by studying and borrowing from industry standards and practices, students will craft their own unique approaches to pre-production, animating and final formatting. Students will also learn to self-assess their current strengths and areas for improvement by designing their own project subjects, styles and mediums. The class will culminate with the completion of a semester-long project, preparing them to step into the yearlong senior project.  Supplemental readings and in-class discussions geared towards film theory and professional practice will provide a rounded presentation of the animated art form and its potential.

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