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Horror Vacui

: various commissions

Commissions | Kansas City | Missouri



     Animation is a physical medium. From the film strips it lives on to the materials used to create its images, animation has plasticity. This series of wood carvings explores this idea by using animation techniques to create static sculptures. These commissioned pieces use self-referencing lines to express dimensional forms and tease out the sublime. Solidified in wood, the ethereal traces of motion are frozen, tangible, touchable, an aeon, a fourth dimensional object.



Commission for Neil Kanning, 4' X 8', 1 panel February 2015, Kearny, Missouri



Commission for Redeemer Fellowship, 5' X 12', 3 panels, September 2014, Kansas City, Missouri



Commission for Headquarters, 4' X 15', 2 panels, July 2015, Kansas City, Missouri



Various Horror Vacui designs

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