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Exhibition | Open Studios | The Drugstore KC | Kansas City, Missouri | July 2014 | 7:27m

      To be human is to bleed. Blood is life and our lives are such that we cannot help but bleed them into others. Life is a shared experience with or without intentional participation. Lack of presence is a form of presence; to be unknown is a form of being known. Every decision is effective; this speaks to our interconnectedness as a species. We are a community of proximity and on the scale of the universe, the earth is but a single point.


      Alcohol based markers on paper, animated by hand then soaked in alcohol to affect the process of bleeding. Digitally compiled, meant for large-scale projection in a setup that forces the viewers to stand in the way of the projection. Thus the film 'bleeds' onto them and others in the space as the experience envelopes everything.



- Spring Open Studio | March 2015 | The Drugstore KC | Kansas City | Missouri

- Summer Open Studio | July 2014 | The Drugstore KC | Kansas City | Missouri

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