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Affect / A Cerebral Visual Instrument

Presentation | Annenberg Symposium | University of Southern California | Los Angeles| April 2017

Making interactive art with Electroencephalography


     At the core of this project is a discussion of a tapestry of topics surrounding current brain research tools and animation techniques. These topics include mindfulness, visual music, electroencephalography (EEG), real-time animation, and the convergence of art and science.


     The brain is the most complex and least understood organ of the human body.  A vast amount of clinical research is being done to discover its inner workings and technology is at the core of this research. EEG is a common tool used to monitor brain activity and can help doctors to diagnose epilepsy, movement disorders, migraines and other issues. As an artist, my interest in these technologies is to make meaning of the data sets and connect that meaning with researchers and users through a visceral experience.


     The goal of this creative research project is to illuminate the mind-body connection and to show how animation and digital media can scientifically visualize otherwise unseen aspects of the human mind. This interactive piece helps to create novel perspectives on brain wave data which can lead to different ways of understanding how this most complex organ operates.  



- Annenberg Symposium | April 2017 | University of Southern California Ronald Tutor Ball Room | Los Angeles | California

- Hack the Brain Prague | December 2016 |  Venuše ve Švehlovce Theater | Prague | Czech Republic

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